Physical Products


Single and school sets in a variety of different options. They come with activity ideas, a free APP, chalk and a bag and you’re ready to start.


500+ street racket games for motor development and the award-winning “learning through movement” concept for active schools.


The courts can simply be drawn in with chalk. If you want to make it more permanent, you can do it yourself with the court marking spray, tape or  with our professional Morf AG.


From caps, jackets, shoes, pants to shorts, customized apparel is available through our partner shop.

DIgital Products

Online Coach Certification

A proven framework to follow to keep your students engaged. Become a certified Street Racket coach and get free access to the online curricula for a full year.

Online Curriculum

Step-by-step lesson plans for high quality P.E. and sport programs. Our extensive on-demand games library helps you run exciting activity sessions that really work.